Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Fascination With The Guitar (Part 2)

In 1976 I went to the record store to purchase another Deep Purple album I noticed an album cover with four individuals that had thier faces painted and smoke surrounding them-the name of the album was Kiss Alive. I decided to purchase the album out of curisoty. When I got home I played the album I converted to a Kiss Fan. I was pretty impresses with Ace Frealy's leads. I played this double album at least 5 times that day. I became a Kiss fan rushing to purchase the Destroyer, Rock and Roll All Over, and Love Gun they day they were stocked in the music store. Later through the years I had puchased all thier live albums but they never lived up to Kiss Alive. During 1977 at Bryant HS it was the Kiss vs Led Zeppelin wars. either you were a Kiss fan or a Zeppelin fan, I ended up being a Village People fan (WTF). Anyways that was short lived when I went to their concert in Madison Square Garden. I was back to being die a hard Kiss fan. I did watch the Led Zepplin movie five times when it came out but despite having the best guiterist and drummer i still favored Kiss's extravagant shows.

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