Friday, January 28, 2011

How I find Time To Practice

As I’m writing this blog I'm listening to an all-out guitar assault from Ron Jarzombek (guitarist for Blotted Science).  Thinking about a topic for this post I decided to talk about finding the time in our busy schedule to practice. So how does this “guitar-doodler” find time to practice? As a full time contractor working for the military while taking on-line courses as well as hitting the gym for 1 to 2 hours and managing time with my family is a juggling act to find time to practice.  Under the current circumstances it is hard for me to schedule a practice session if I do it may be for a few minutes to maybe an hour (if my wife is out of town or watching her favorite reality show).
Here is how I manage to get some playing time in:
1)   If I'm watching TV or Netflix on my computer, Ill practice some scales, hammer-ons and pull-offs and some thrills, the guitar is not hooked to an amp.
2)   If I'm doing school work I'll take a break and jammed a bit this is used to relax a bit and stir up the creative juices especially if I’m writing a paper
3)   Also I practice as my pre-workout ritual before going to the gym, at that time I’m pretty jacked from drinking Hemo-Rage (pre-workout drink. I’m balls to the walls practicing like I’m possessed.
4)   Then one time I moved my gear and set it up  to the bathroom and sat on the crapper and recorded a 10 minute instrumental  called “Waiting for the Laxative to  Kick In” , basically it’s a ok sounding  shred-attack with a fast drum pattern. By the time I was done it took me awhile to drag my 230lb+ ass to stop the recording because my legs fell asleep.  Something about sitting on the crapper, you have all that time to think (besides thinking what crawled up your ass and died) and come up with a great idea or lick.
Well that’s how this guitar-doodler practices it might not work for everyone (especially number 4). Till next time.

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