Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Featured Guiterist: Ace Frehley

In the 70's my second favorite guiterist besides Richie Blackmore was Kiss's Ace Frehley. Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley (Born April 27, 1951). Ace altered ego was the "Spaceman". He departed the band in 1982 and rejoined in 96 and departed for good in 2002. Ace has inspired great guiterists such as the late lead guiterist Dimebag Darrell. Ace made great use of the pentatonic scales, which was his signature licks. Even with the current Kiss album there are some signature licks to capture vthe vintage Kiss sound of the 70's. I purchased his last  solo album "Anomaly", there three songs I enjoyed, he has one instrument called "Space Bear". "Fox on the Run" is a must to add to your song collection  this is Ace at his best. "Foxy and Free" lyrics sounds like Jimmi Hendricks "Foxy Lady" but with the "Spaceman" flavor added.

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